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Hello and welcome to the "261 gaz'aile" web page. I chose to name my plane "La Cigogne" (the stork) because it is the French translation of my last name in Alsace. Is this what we call destiny?

I created this site a bit at the request of friends who are interested in the construction of "my" plane, a bit more for the other Gaz'Aile builders, but especially for my son, professional pilot in Quebec, who would have liked sharing the fun of building "La Cigogne" with me.

Besides keeping up with the construction progress, other builders may find here some practical interest although I am only just starting and there are other sites more exhaustive: see the link section, these links are very useful to me both technically and in terms of motivation.

You will find here the steps of the construction in text, image and video. I certainly do not mean to be an expert; fortunately Serge Pennec has not only designed a plane, it has also created a community of builders as mutual aid is the key point in building. It is so reassuring not feeling alone....

The purpose of my site is not to describe the plane, Serge and builders who are already flying Gaz'Ailes are way more qualified than I am. I suggest visiting their websites. I did not write the builders who are "lucky" flying their plane, because it is anything but luck. These are months of work, determination and perseverance (yes, fun too) that made them achieve this goal. I would rather say, manufacturers who "deserve" flying their Gaz'aile.

Priority goes to the construction indeed, however I'll try to make this site grow as my construction progresses and hopefully in some years and "few" hours building, the "construction section" will freeze when I'll add, with great pleasure, the "travel section"!

Enjoy your visit!






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